he Pantry Manager is responsible for everything that happens at the pantry elated to the process of getting food to clients.

Dave Goldman full size

The Pantry Manager is David Goldman

Key positions under the pantry manager are:

Day Supervisors – these individuals are responsible for overseeing the pantry during one of the four days the pantry is open each week.

Monday mgrs  Monday supervisors are (l to r) Jan Puterbaugh,  Judy Douglas, Debbie Skubiak

untitled                                        Tuesday supervisor is Dave Floyd

Day mrg 2                                   Wednesday supervisor is Joan Gecina

Day mrg 3                                 Thursday supervisor is Deb Schreckengost

Warehouse Supervisor – The warehouse supervisor is responsible for moving the food as it arrives from the Food Bank into the warehouse and then onto the shelves.  Considering that around 280,000 items a year are given out this is a challenging, never ending job!

ACP Terra warehouse                                 Terra Faulkner is the Warehouse Supervisor

Related positions are:

Volunteer Coordinator   The Volunteer Coordinator, is responsible for recruiting and scheduling the many volunteers needed to run our pantry. She can be contacted through the pantry phone number 330-680-8130

Pat Gates is the Volunteer Coordinator

Transportation Supervisor – John Armitage and Herb Spear oversee the process of getting food from the Food Bank in Akron to the pantry. This requires scheduling a truck and rider 1 to 2 times a week.

Data entry supervisor – The data entry supervisor is responsible for the two screeners that work each shift to register the clients using the custom software package called “Pantry Trak”.  She also works with data entry people that each day enter the data from the previous day into the Client software program.

Carol Henry (2)                                   Carol Henry is the Data Entry Supervisor

Food Ordering Supervisor – This person has the job of watching the menu from the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank and deciding what to order.  Keeping food on hand for around 100 clients a day is no small task!

ACP Leigh Mainwaring                        Leigh Mainwaring is the Food Ordering Supervisor